cold performance

Cold performance of different systems and technologies using the example of plantar warts (with possible deviations because apart from Cryosuccess (Liquidfreezing) no exact data are available from the manufactures).

To reach a quick destruction of the cell nucleus, a temperature of approx. -40°C in the above mentioned depth is mandatory. This cold performance must run very quickly and should be reached within 10 to 12 seconds. The indicated approx. performances are linked to this application time. The application times can, of course, be increased. But with that, the risk of a complete destruction around the lesion in the upper parts is also raising. For all calculations, the fact that a smaller or bigger loss of cold (between the cold source and the surface of the skin), depending on the system and the technology, must be included. Only with the liquid phase there is no loss. The cooling of the skin absorbs, by the presence of the body temperature, performance and this loss of performance is increasing in the depth. In a depth of 4-5 mm, a treatment outgoing from the skin surface, can not be done. On this level an ice barrier is formed and a deeper penetration impossible. Considering that theoretical calculations are in the game, the practice clearly shows, that to low cold performance will never lead to a successful treatment.